Automation Equipment in Pakistan

Hafeez Automation Technologies stands as a prominent provider of integrated industrial automation solutions, which includes low voltage switchgear solutions and manufacturing, EV Charging Solutions, and a proficient systems integrator. Brings forth a wealth of industry experience and a sterling reputation.


We have partnered with multiple OEMs to provide industry-specific control systems which include SIEMENS, Rockwell, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, and PHOENIX CONTACT. We offer all types of products in this domain which include redundant Basic PLCs, Basic and advanced type HMI Panels, Compact RTU, Simplex Redundant High-Availability, High features, and HART I/O Modules.

Instruments (Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature, Analyzers)

We offer state-of-the-art field instrumentation for all sorts of industry applications which include the Oil & Gas, Water Industry, Cement Industry, and Petrochemicals, Food and beverages,

Our Field Instrument Portfolio includes the following field instrumentation:

  1. Flow Meter
  2. Level Sensor and switch
  3. Level Transmitter
  4. Pressure Transmitter and switches
  5. Temperature Transmitter and Switches

We are also offering all types of analyzers which include H2S, CO2 and Humidity Analyzer, PH Analyzers, and Meters Etc. In addition to that, we also provide a wide range of Fire and Gas Detectors which include Flame Open Path and Infrared Gas detectors, Portable type Gas Detectors, CO2, CO, Smoke Detectors, etc.

LV Switchgear, Control, and Power Components

We offer all sorts of Low Voltage Switchgear components as lose supplies which include high industry standard MCCB, MSB, MPCB, ELCB, RCCB, Industrial Sockets, and control components including Relays, Contactors, and Air Circuit Breakers.

Motors, Sensors, Valves

We are offering different types of Motors (Single Phase, Three Phase, Squirrel Cage Induction Motors), Valves (Butterfly, Solenoid, Motor Operated Valves, Ball, Gate, Diaphragm, and Globe Valves), and Sensors Including Proximity Sensors, PIR Sensor, Motion Sensor, etc.

Process Control Systems: Our cutting-edge process control systems empower your operations with precision and efficiency. Through real-time monitoring, data analysis, and adaptive control, we ensure the highest standards of quality and productivity. Invest in the future of your manufacturing processes with us, staying at the forefront of innovation and performance.

PLC Systems: Experience seamless automation with our tailored PLC systems. Our controllers offer unmatched reliability and flexibility for managing complex processes. Benefit from precision in every task, rapid response, and advanced technology. Partner with us to optimize your control systems, boost productivity, and reduce costs.

Drives and Motion Control: Experience enhanced precision and reliability with our drives and motion control solutions. Whether it’s high-speed production lines or intricate motion tasks, our cutting-edge technology ensures seamless control and performance. Choose our services to access systems that maximize energy efficiency, reduce wear and tear, and boost productivity, keeping you competitive in your industry.

Automation and Electrical Equipment in the Cement Industry:

  1. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller):
  • Siemens S7-1200 PLC (Part Number: 6ES7215-1AG40-0XB0)
  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC (Part Number: 1756-L72)
  1. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition):
  • Wonderware InTouch SCADA (Part Number: IT-SCADA-001)
  • Siemens WinCC SCADA (Part Number: 6AV6618-7AB01-3AB0)
  1. Motors and Drives:
  • Siemens SIMOTICS FD Motor (Part Number: 1FK7042-5AF71-1EG3)
  • ABB ACS880 Variable Frequency Drive (Part Number: ACS880-01-045A-3)
  1. Sensors and Instrumentation:
  • Siemens SITRANS P Pressure Transmitter (Part Number: 7MF4433-1DA02-2AC6-Z)
  • Endress+Hauser Liquiphant FTL51 Level Switch (Part Number: FTL51-AGG2DB7A6A)
  1. Switchgear and Protection Devices:
  • Schneider Electric Masterpact NW Circuit Breaker (Part Number: NW32H1)
  • ABB Tmax T1N Circuit Breaker (Part Number: T1N040TL)

Automation and Electrical Equipment in the Food Industry:

  1. PLC and HMI (Human Machine Interface):
  • Mitsubishi Electric FX3U PLC (Part Number: FX3U-64MR-ES)
  • Siemens SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panel (Part Number: 6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0)
  1. Sensors and Vision Systems:
  • Keyence FS-N40 Series Fiber Optic Sensor (Part Number: FS-N40)
  • Cognex In-Sight 2000 Vision Sensor (Part Number: IS2000M-120-30-090)
  1. Pumps and Valves:
  • Grundfos CR Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump (Part Number: CR10-03)
  • Burkert Type 2000 Angle Seat Valve (Part Number: 2000-A-3/8-NPT)
  1. Packaging Machinery:
  • Ishida CCW-RV Series Multihead Weigher (Part Number: CCW-RV-214W-S/15-PB-I)
  • Bosch Pack 301 IN Inverted Horizontal Flow Wrapper (Part Number: Pack 301 IN)
  1. Refrigeration and Cooling Systems:
  • Danfoss Optyma Plus INVERTER Condensing Unit (Part Number: Optyma Plus INVERTER)
  • Copeland Scroll ZB Series Compressor (Part Number: ZB38KCE-TFD)

Automation and Electrical Equipment in the Oil and Gas Industry:

  1. SCADA and DCS (Distributed Control System):
  • Yokogawa CENTUM VP DCS (Part Number: VP-CNTM-001)
  • Schneider Electric ClearSCADA SCADA (Part Number: CS-SCADA-100)
  1. Control Valves and Actuators:
  • Emerson Fisher ET Control Valve (Part Number: ET667)
  • Rotork IQ3 Electric Actuator (Part Number: IQ3-25)
  1. Metering and Measurement Devices:
  • Endress+Hauser Proline Promag W 400 Electromagnetic Flow Meter (Part Number: 8P4B25-AAACAAAAA)
  • Rosemount 3051S Pressure Transmitter (Part Number: 3051S1TG4A2B11A1AB4)
  1. Safety Systems:
  • Honeywell Fire and Gas Detection System (Part Number: FGS-200)
  • Siemens Siprotec 5 Safety Relay (Part Number: 7UT635)
  1. Electrical Panels and Switchgear:
  • ABB MNS Low Voltage Switchgear (Part Number: MNS-SG)
  • Schneider Electric Premset Medium Voltage Switchgear (Part Number: Premset)

Automation and Electrical Equipment in the Water Industry:

  1. SCADA and Telemetry Systems:
  • GE Digital iFIX SCADA (Part Number: iFIX-SCADA-001)
  • Schneider Electric Wonderware SCADA (Part Number: WW-SCADA-200)
  1. Pumps and Motors:
  • KSB Omega Standardized Pump (Part Number: OMEGA 100-200)
  • Siemens SIMOTICS DP Motor (Part Number: 1LE1001-1BB23-4FA4-Z)
  1. Valves and Actuators:
  • Auma SA Multi-Turn Electric Actuator (Part Number: SA 07.2-F07)
  • Bray Series 70 Butterfly Valve (Part Number: 70-0231-11313-536)
  1. Sensors and Analyzers:
  • Endress+Hauser Liquiline CM44p Analytical Transmitter (Part Number: CM44P-AA0A1A)
  • Hach Orbisphere 3625 Oxygen Analyzer (Part Number: 3625)
  1. Filtration and Treatment Systems:
  • Pall Aria AP-Series Hollow Fiber Membrane System (Part Number: AP-Series)
  • Evoqua Water Technologies VAF Filtration System (Part Number: VAF-500)

Siemens PLCs:

  • SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC (Part Number: 6ES7212-1AE40-0XB0)
  • SIMATIC S7-1500 PLC (Part Number: 6ES7511-1AK02-0AB0)

Siemens HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces):

  • SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panel (Part Number: 6AV2124-0MC01-0AX0)
  • SIMATIC HMI Basic Panel (Part Number: 6AV2123-2JB03-0AX0)

Siemens Drives:

  • SINAMICS G120 Drive (Part Number: 6SL3210-5BE21-5UV0)
  • SINAMICS S120 Drive (Part Number: 6SL3224-0BE33-0AA0)

Siemens Motors:

  • SIMOTICS S-1FK7 Motor (Part Number: 1FK7042-5AF71-1EG3)
  • SIMOTICS S-1PH8 Motor (Part Number: 1PH8137-1EG00-0BA1)

Siemens Switchgear:

  • SENTRON 3VA Circuit Breaker (Part Number: 3VA2116-0EP32-0AA0)
  • SIRIUS 3RV Motor Starter (Part Number: 3RV2011-1EA10)

Siemens Sensors:

  • SITRANS P Pressure Transmitter (Part Number: 7MF4433-1DA02-2AC6-Z)
  • SITRANS F Flow Meter (Part Number: 7ME6310-3BB12-2AD1)

Siemens Analyzers:

  • ULTRAMAT 23 Gas Analyzer (Part Number: 7MB2337-0AA00-2AA1
  • SIPROCESS UV600 Analyzer (Part Number: 7MB2337-0CA00-2AA1)
  1. Mitsubishi PLCs:
    • MELSEC iQ-R Series PLC (Part Number: R04CPU)
    • MELSEC iQ-F Series PLC (Part Number: FX5U)
  2. Mitsubishi HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces):
    • GOT2000 Series HMI (Part Number: GT25)
    • GOT1000 Series HMI (Part Number: GT14)
  3. Mitsubishi Drives:
    • FR-A800 Series Inverter Drive (Part Number: FR-A840-00170-2-60)
    • FR-E800 Series Inverter Drive (Part Number: FR-E820-0.75K-CHT)
  4. Mitsubishi Motors:
    • MELSERVO MR-J4 Series Servo Motor (Part Number: MR-J4-40B)
    • MELSERVO MR-J5 Series Servo Motor (Part Number: MR-J5-70B)
  5. Mitsubishi Switchgear:
    • MELPRO-D Series Circuit Breaker (Part Number: NF63-SVFU)
    • MELPRO-E Series Motor Starter (Part Number: NF50-SVFU)
  6. Mitsubishi Sensors:
    • MELSENSOR Photoelectric Sensor (Part Number: F02B-08H)
    • MELSENSOR Ultrasonic Sensor (Part Number: US-40)
  7. Mitsubishi Analyzers:
    • MELANALYZER Power Analyzer (Part Number: PA10)
    • MELANALYZER Gas Analyzer (Part Number: GA20
  1. Allen-Bradley PLCs:
    • CompactLogix 5370 PLC (Part Number: 1769-L33ER)
    • ControlLogix 5570 PLC (Part Number: 1756-L73)
  2. Allen-Bradley HMI’s (Human Machine Interfaces):
    • PanelView Plus 7 Standard HMI (Part Number: 2711P-T10C4D8)
    • PanelView Plus 7 Performance HMI (Part Number: 2711P-T15C4D8)
  3. Allen-Bradley Drives:
    • PowerFlex 525 AC Drive (Part Number: 25B-D010N104)
    • PowerFlex 755 AC Drive (Part Number: 20G11ND022AA0NNNNN)
  4. Allen-Bradley Motors:
    • Kinetix 5700 Servo Motor (Part Number: 2198-H025-ERS)
    • MP-Series Low Inertia Servo Motor (Part Number: MPL-B320P-MJ72AA)
  5. Allen-Bradley Switchgear:
    • Bulletin 140U Molded Case Circuit Breaker (Part Number: 140U-J2D3-C40)
    • Bulletin 194R Fused and Non-Fused Disconnect Switch (Part Number: 194R-NJ030P3)
  6. Allen-Bradley Sensors:
    • 42EF RightSight Photoelectric Sensor (Part Number: 42EF-P2MPB-F4)
    • 871TM ThermoMelt Motor Protection Sensor (Part Number: 871TM-DH5NP18-D4)
  7. Allen-Bradley Analyzers:
    • PowerMonitor 1000 Energy Meter (Part Number: 1408-M1DM4-D)
    • ArmorStart Motor Control (Part Number: 280B-F12Z-01)
  1. Omron PLCs:
    • CP1E Series PLC (Part Number: CP1E-N40DR-A)
    • CJ2M Series PLC (Part Number: CJ2M-CPU32)
  2. Omron HMI’s (Human Machine Interfaces):
    • NB Series HMI (Part Number: NB7W-TW01B)
    • NS Series HMI (Part Number: NS10-TV00B-V1)
  3. Omron Drives:
    • 3G3MX2 Series Inverter Drive (Part Number: 3G3MX2-A4015)
    • RX Series Servo Drive (Part Number: R88D-1SN04H-ECT)
  4. Omron Motors:
    • 3G3MX2 Series AC Motor (Part Number: 3G3MX2-A4015-Z)
    • R88M Series Servo Motor (Part Number: R88M-K1K030T-S2)
  5. Omron Switchgear:
    • 3PA Series Circuit Breaker (Part Number: 3PA11-TB)
    • 3RM Series Motor Starter (Part Number: 3RM1S4B1)
  6. Omron Sensors:
    • E3Z Series Photoelectric Sensor (Part Number: E3Z-T61)
    • E2E Series Inductive Proximity Sensor (Part Number: E2E-X5Y1-53US)
  7. Omron Analyzers:
    • ZFV Series Vision Sensor (Part Number: ZFV-C)
    • K3SC Series Safety Controller (Part Number: K3SC-10)
  1. ABB PLCs:
    • AC500-eCo PLC (Part Number: PM554-TP-ETH)
    • AC500 PLC (Part Number: PM554-T-ETH)
  2. ABB HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces):
    • CP600 Series HMI (Part Number: CP651)
    • CP400 Series HMI (Part Number: CP451)
  3. ABB Drives:
    • ACS310 Series Drive (Part Number: ACS310-03E-02A2-4)
    • ACS880 Series Drive (Part Number: ACS880-01-015A-5)
  4. ABB Motors:
    • M2QA Series AC Motor (Part Number: M2QA180M2B)
    • M3BP Series AC Motor (Part Number: M3BP160MLA4)
  5. ABB Switchgear:
    • Tmax XT Series Circuit Breaker (Part Number: XT1C 160 TMD 40)
    • Tmax T Series MCCB (Part Number: T4N250TW)
  6. ABB Sensors:
    • Tmax T1 Series Temperature Sensor (Part Number: T1N100TL)
    • Tmax T2 Series Pressure Sensor (Part Number: T2N150TL)
  7. ABB Analyzers:
    • CM30 Series Power Analyzer (Part Number: CM30-00/1-3-400)
    • CM50 Series Gas Analyzer (Part Number: CM50-00/2-3-400)
  1. Phoenix Contact PLCs:
    • ILC 150 ETH PLC (Part Number: 2700795)
    • RFC 470S PLC (Part Number: 2700290)
  2. Phoenix Contact HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces):
    • TP 3070W HMI (Part Number: 2700363)
    • TP 3067W HMI (Part Number: 2700819)
  3. Phoenix Contact Drives:
    • EMD-BL-DC24-500-PT-DI-IO-VS-0.5 Drive (Part Number: 2907859)
    • EMD-FL-3D-DC24-500-PT-DI-MV-0.5 Drive (Part Number: 2907897)
  4. Phoenix Contact Motors:
    • CM 42 DC Motor (Part Number: 3270203)
    • CM 62 DC Motor (Part Number: 3270228)
  5. Phoenix Contact Switchgear:
    • QUINT-PS/1AC/24DC/5 Power Supply (Part Number: 2866753)
    • QUINT-UPS/24DC/24DC/10 Uninterruptible Power Supply (Part Number: 2320197)
  6. Phoenix Contact Sensors:
    • FL SWITCH 1005M Ethernet Switch (Part Number: 2832834)
    • FL SWITCH 1024M Ethernet Switch (Part Number: 2832847)
  7. Phoenix Contact Analyzers:
    • EMpro EEM-MA600 Energy Meter (Part Number: 2907735)
    • TRIO DIODE 10-480DC/2X20-110DC/1X20-220DC Surge Protection Device (Part Number: 2807850)

Flender is a manufacturer of mechanical power transmission equipment, such as gearboxes and couplings, rather than electrical or automation components. Here are some specific part numbers for Flender gearboxes:

  1. Flender Gearboxes:
    • Flender H series helical gear unit (Part Number: H1SH14)
    • Flender B3HH series bevel gear unit (Part Number: B3HH10)
    • Flender FZG series parallel shaft gear unit (Part Number: FZG12)

Please note that these part numbers are specific to certain models of Flender gearboxes and may vary based on the exact configuration and specifications you require.

  1. Delta PLCs:
    • Delta DVP-SS2 Series PLC (Part Number: DVP16SP11R)
    • Delta DVP-SV2 Series PLC (Part Number: DVP20SX211R)
  2. Delta HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces):
    • Delta DOP-B Series HMI (Part Number: DOP-B07S411)
    • Delta DOP-100 Series HMI (Part Number: DOP-107EG)
  3. Delta Drives:
    • Delta VFD-L Series Drive (Part Number: VFD015L21A)
    • Delta VFD-M Series Drive (Part Number: VFD075M23A)
  4. Delta Motors:
    • Delta ECMA Series AC Servo Motor (Part Number: ECMA-C20807RS)
    • Delta MH300 Series AC Motor (Part Number: MH300-201)
  5. Delta Switchgear:
    • Delta DV Series Circuit Breaker (Part Number: DV-16P16A)
    • Delta DH Series Motor Starter (Part Number: DH-18P25A)
  6. Delta Sensors:
    • Delta PMT Series Photoelectric Sensor (Part Number: PMT-5R)
    • Delta PNT Series Proximity Sensor (Part Number: PNT-08)
  7. Delta Analyzers:
    • Delta PMD Series Power Analyzer (Part Number: PMD-02)
    • Delta GAD Series Gas Analyzer (Part Number: GAD-04)
  1. Honeywell PLCs:
    • Honeywell Experion LX PLC (Part Number: 51196655-100)
    • Honeywell ControlEdge PLC (Part Number: CE0045R)
  2. Honeywell HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces):
    • Honeywell SmartLine HMI (Part Number: SLG700)
    • Honeywell DynaView HMI (Part Number: DV700)
  3. Honeywell Drives:
    • Honeywell Multitrend Plus Recorder (Part Number: MTL4500)
    • Honeywell ControlEdge Recorder (Part Number: CE8000)
  4. Honeywell Motors:
    • Honeywell VULQ Series AC Motor (Part Number: VULQ220-8E)
    • Honeywell MVL Series Servo Motor (Part Number: MVLCT20-24V)
  5. Honeywell Switchgear:
    • Honeywell MasterLogic PLC (Part Number: FSC400)
    • Honeywell Fail-Safe Controller (Part Number: FSC8)
  6. Honeywell Sensors:
    • Honeywell SmartLine Pressure Transmitter (Part Number: ST700)
    • Honeywell SmartLine Temperature Transmitter (Part Number: STT250)
  7. Honeywell Analyzers:
    • Honeywell Gas Detection System (Part Number: SPM Flex)
    • Honeywell Flame Detector (Part Number: FL500-H)
  1. Danfoss Drives:
    • Danfoss VLT Micro Drive FC 51 (Part Number: 132F0021)
    • Danfoss VLT HVAC Drive FC 102 (Part Number: 131F1094)
  2. Danfoss Motors:
    • Danfoss VLT AutomationDrive FC 302 Motor (Part Number: 131B8758)
    • Danfoss VLT Refrigeration Drive FC 103 Motor (Part Number: 131F0383)
  3. Danfoss Valves:
    • Danfoss EVR Solenoid Valve (Part Number: 042H7237)
    • Danfoss ICV Control Valve (Part Number: 065B1112)
  4. Danfoss Sensors:
    • Danfoss AKS 21 Temperature Sensor (Part Number: 060G1110)
    • Danfoss ETS 6 Pressure Sensor (Part Number: 060G1101)
  5. Danfoss Controllers:
    • Danfoss EKC 102 Temperature Controller (Part Number: 084B7000)
    • Danfoss ERC 101 Refrigeration Controller (Part Number: 084B7200)
  6. Danfoss Thermostats:
    • Danfoss RET Room Thermostat (Part Number: 087N7006)
    • Danfoss ETS 6 Pressure Thermostat (Part Number: 060G1102)

USR IOT is a manufacturer of industrial IoT (Internet of Things) devices, including modems, routers, and gateways. Here are some specific part numbers for USR IOT products:

  1. USR IOT Modems:
    • USR-G806-A Industrial 4G LTE Modem (Part Number: USR-G806-A)
    • USR-G781 Industrial 3G Modem (Part Number: USR-G781)
  2. USR IOT Routers:
    • USR-G800-42 Industrial 4G LTE Router (Part Number: USR-G800-42)
    • USR-G808 Industrial 4G LTE Router (Part Number: USR-G808)
  3. USR IOT Gateways:
    • USR-GM3 Industrial IoT Gateway (Part Number: USR-GM3)
    • USR-G800 Industrial IoT Gateway (Part Number: USR-G800)
  4. USR IOT Serial Converters:
    • USR-TCP232-304 RS232 to Ethernet Converter (Part Number: USR-TCP232-304)
    • USR-TCP232-410S RS485 to Ethernet Converter (Part Number: USR-TCP232-410S)
  5. USR IOT Wireless Modules:
    • USR-WIFI232-610-V2 WiFi Module (Part Number: USR-WIFI232-610-V2)
    • USR-GPRS232-730 GSM/GPRS Module (Part Number: USR-GPRS232-730)
  1. Pilz Safety Relays:
    • Pilz PNOZ X3 Safety Relay (Part Number: 774303)
    • Pilz PNOZ XV2 Safety Relay (Part Number: 777302)
  2. Pilz Safety PLCs:
    • Pilz PSS 4000 Safety PLC (Part Number: 104108)
    • Pilz PSS 3000 Safety PLC (Part Number: 301113)
  3. Pilz Safety Sensors:
    • Pilz PSEN cs2.1p Safety Sensor (Part Number: 508235)
    • Pilz PSEN ma1.1p Safety Sensor (Part Number: 544055)
  4. Pilz Safety Gate Systems:
    • Pilz PSENslock Safety Gate System (Part Number: 508070)
    • Pilz PSENmech Safety Gate System (Part Number: 540220)
  5. Pilz Automation Systems:
    • Pilz PMCprimo C1 PLC (Part Number: 201317)
    • Pilz PMCtendo DD5 Drive Controller (Part Number: 207982)
  6. Pilz Control Panels:
    • Pilz PNOZmulti Mini Control Panel (Part Number: 773100)
    • Pilz PSSuniversal Control Panel (Part Number: 477410)

Brahma is a manufacturer of components for gas and oil burners, as well as for the heating and HVAC industries. Here are some specific part numbers for Brahma components:

  1. Brahma Gas Burner Controls:
    • Brahma SIT 820 Nova Gas Valve (Part Number: 0820107)
    • Brahma TMG 740-3 Modulating Gas Valve (Part Number: 0740030)
  2. Brahma Oil Burner Controls:
    • Brahma TM 110A Oil Burner Control Box (Part Number: 220VAC)
    • Brahma TMG 740-3 Oil Modulating Valve (Part Number: 0740032)
  3. Brahma Ignition Transformers:
    • Brahma F02 Ignition Transformer (Part Number: 220V, 50Hz)
    • Brahma F05 Ignition Transformer (Part Number: 110V, 60Hz)
  4. Brahma Flame Sensors:
    • Brahma 1.622.004.002 Flame Sensor (Part Number: 1/4″ FPT)
    • Brahma 1.622.009.103 UV Flame Detector (Part Number: 1/2″ NPT)
  5. Brahma Pressure Switches:
    • Brahma K3 Pressure Switch (Part Number: 0.3 to 3.0 bar)
    • Brahma K4 Pressure Switch (Part Number: 1.0 to 6.0 bar)
  6. Brahma Control Panels:
    • Brahma Control Panel for Gas Burners (Part Number: CP-G-230)
    • Brahma Control Panel for Oil Burners (Part Number: CP-O-230)

SKF is a manufacturer of bearings, seals, lubrication systems, and other related products for the industrial sector. Here are some specific part numbers for SKF components:

  1. SKF Bearings:
    • SKF 6204-2RS1/C3 Deep Groove Ball Bearing (Part Number: 6204-2RS1/C3)
    • SKF NU 220 ECM Cylindrical Roller Bearing (Part Number: NU 220 ECM)
  2. SKF Seals:
    • SKF CR 35x52x8 HMSA10 RG Radial Shaft Seal (Part Number: CR 35x52x8 HMSA10 RG)
    • SKF CR 28725 Radial Shaft Seal (Part Number: CR 28725)
  3. SKF Lubrication Systems:
    • SKF LAGD 125/WA2 Automatic Lubricator (Part Number: LAGD 125/WA2)
    • SKF TLSD 125/WA2 Multi-Point Lubricator (Part Number: TLSD 125/WA2)
  4. SKF Condition Monitoring Equipment:
    • SKF CMAS 100-SL Vibration Meter (Part Number: CMAS 100-SL)
    • SKF TKSA 11 Shaft Alignment Tool (Part Number: TKSA 11)
  5. SKF Power Transmission Products:
    • SKF AXK 3552 Thrust Needle Roller Bearing (Part Number: AXK 3552)
    • SKF SAKAC 6 M Rod End Bearing (Part Number: SAKAC 6 M)
  6. SKF Bearing Units:
    • SKF SY 25 TF Pillow Block Ball Bearing Unit (Part Number: SY 25 TF)
    • SKF FY 50 TF Flanged Ball Bearing Unit (Part Number: FY 50 TF)

SICK is a manufacturer of sensors, safety systems, machine vision, and automatic identification solutions for industrial applications. Here are some specific part numbers for SICK components:

  1. SICK Sensors:
    • SICK W16-2 Photoelectric Sensor (Part Number: 1018566)
    • SICK WL27-2 Photoelectric Sensor (Part Number: 1018802)
  2. SICK Safety Systems:
    • SICK Flexi Soft Safety Controller (Part Number: 6024757)
    • SICK deTec4 Core Safety Light Curtain (Part Number: 1068998)
  3. SICK Machine Vision Systems:
    • SICK Inspector PIM60-1000 Vision Sensor (Part Number: 1062931)
    • SICK Inspector PIM60-500 Vision Sensor (Part Number: 1062930)
  4. SICK Barcode Scanners:
    • SICK CLV620-0010 Barcode Scanner (Part Number: 1033897)
    • SICK CLV440-0010 Barcode Scanner (Part Number: 1011715)
  5. SICK Encoders:
    • SICK DFS60B-S4EK01024 Incremental Encoder (Part Number: 1052415)
    • SICK DFS60B-S4EK10000 Incremental Encoder (Part Number: 1052433)
  6. SICK RFID Systems:
    • SICK RFU630 UHF RFID Reader (Part Number: 1063651)
    • SICK RFU620 UHF RFID Reader (Part Number: 1063650)

Dungs is a manufacturer of gas safety and control components for industrial heating systems. Here are some specific part numbers for Dungs components:

  1. Dungs Gas Valves:
    • Dungs DMV-DLE 510/11 Gas Valve (Part Number: 227441)
    • Dungs MVDLE 210/5 Gas Valve (Part Number: 221738)
  2. Dungs Pressure Switches:
    • Dungs LGW 150 A2 Pressure Switch (Part Number: 219871)
    • Dungs LGW 3 A4 Pressure Switch (Part Number: 217527)
  3. Dungs Gas Regulators:
    • Dungs FRS 512 Regulator (Part Number: 218950)
    • Dungs FRS 505 Regulator (Part Number: 222899)
  4. Dungs Gas Filters:
    • Dungs FRI 605/6 Gas Filter (Part Number: 223754)
    • Dungs FRI 707/6 Gas Filter (Part Number: 221430)
  5. Dungs Gas Pressure Switches:
    • Dungs GW 50 A4 Pressure Switch (Part Number: 210063)
    • Dungs GW 150 A2 Pressure Switch (Part Number: 219869)
  6. Dungs Gas Solenoid Valves:
    • Dungs MB-DLE 407 Gas Valve (Part Number: 224182)
    • Dungs MB-ZRDLE 410 Gas Valve (Part Number: 225920)

Festo is a manufacturer of pneumatic and electrical automation technology. Here are some specific part numbers for Festo components:

  1. Festo Pneumatic Cylinders:
    • Festo ADN-25-15-I-P-A Compact Cylinder (Part Number: 536242)
    • Festo DNC-32-50-PPV-A Standard Cylinder (Part Number: 163340)
  2. Festo Pneumatic Valves:
    • Festo VUVG-L10-B52-T-M7-1P3 Solenoid Valve (Part Number: 545263)
    • Festo VUVS-L20-M52-MD-G14-F7-1R3 Solenoid Valve (Part Number: 535326)
  3. Festo Pneumatic Fittings:
    • Festo QS-1/4-10 Push-in Fitting (Part Number: 153047)
    • Festo QST-8 Push-in T Fitting (Part Number: 153285)
  4. Festo Electrical Drives:
    • Festo EMM-AS-100-S-LS Servo Drive (Part Number: 540491)
    • Festo EPCO Electric Cylinder (Part Number: 167797)
  5. Festo Sensors:
    • Festo SMT-8M-A-PS-24V-E-0,3-M8D Proximity Sensor (Part Number: 543892)
    • Festo SME-8M-DS-24V-K-0,3-M8D Magnetic Sensor (Part Number: 543872)
  6. Festo Control Systems:
    • Festo CMMO-ST-C5-1-LKP Servo Drive Controller (Part Number: 540705)
    • Festo CPX-AB-4-M12 Fieldbus Node (Part Number: 541490)

WIKA is a manufacturer of pressure and temperature measurement instruments. Here are some specific part numbers for WIKA components:

  1. WIKA Pressure Gauges:
    • WIKA 232.34 Pressure Gauge (Part Number: 232.34.063)
    • WIKA 213.53 Pressure Gauge (Part Number: 213.53.100)
  2. WIKA Pressure Transmitters:
    • WIKA S-10 Pressure Transmitter (Part Number: S-10-1000-0150)
    • WIKA A-10 Pressure Transmitter (Part Number: A-10-1000-0100)
  3. WIKA Temperature Gauges:
    • WIKA TI.50 Temperature Gauge (Part Number: TI.50.160)
    • WIKA TI.20 Temperature Gauge (Part Number: TI.20.160)
  4. WIKA Temperature Transmitters:
    • WIKA T32 Temperature Transmitter (Part Number: T32.
    • WIKA T91 Temperature Transmitter (Part Number: T91.10.100)
  5. WIKA Level Gauges:
    • WIKA AT-1 Magnetic Level Gauge (Part Number: AT-1-70-50-160)
    • WIKA LL-10 Glass Level Gauge (Part Number: LL-10-500-250-90)
  6. WIKA Flow Meters:
    • WIKA FLOWSIC100 Ultrasonic Flow Meter (Part Number: FLOWSIC100)
    • WIKA FLOWSIC600 Ultrasonic Flow Meter (Part Number: FLOWSIC600)
  7. WIKA Diaphragm Seals:
    • WIKA C-10 Diaphragm Seal (Part Number: C-10-100)
    • WIKA D-10 Diaphragm Seal (Part Number: D-10-100)

APC (American Power Conversion) is a manufacturer of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and related components. Here are some specific part numbers for APC UPS components:

  1. APC Smart-UPS:
    • APC Smart-UPS 1500VA LCD (Part Number: SMT1500)
    • APC Smart-UPS 2200VA LCD (Part Number: SMT2200)
  2. APC Back-UPS:
    • APC Back-UPS Pro 1000VA (Part Number: BR1000G)
    • APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA (Part Number: BR1500G)
  3. APC Rack-mount UPS:
    • APC Smart-UPS X 3000VA Rack/Tower (Part Number: SMX3000RMHV2U)
    • APC Smart-UPS 1500VA Rackmount (Part Number: SMT1500RM2U)
  4. APC UPS Batteries:
    • APC RBC7 Replacement Battery Cartridge (Part Number: RBC7)
    • APC RBC123 Replacement Battery Cartridge (Part Number: RBC123)
  5. APC UPS Accessories:
    • APC AP9630 Network Management Card (Part Number: AP9630)
    • APC AP9631 Network Management Card 2 (Part Number: AP9631)
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