Hafeez Automation Technologies specializes in Industrial Automation Spare Parts. We are located in Islamabad, Pakistan, and supply World Renowned Branded Products, like PLC Logic Controllers, HMI (Human Machine Interface), Servo Motor and Drive, Inverters, Sensors, Pneumatic Components, Hardware, and Software Products.

Our hot-sell brands are Siemens, Omron, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, Schneider, Omron, Pilz, ABB, SMC, Phoenix Contact, Delta, and Weintek. Below are parts of our hot-sell products for your reference:
Siemens: PLC 6ES71, 6ES72, S7-1200, S7-1500, HMI, Inverter.
Allen-Bradley: Compact Logix 1769, 1734, 1756, 1794,1789
Omron: NX-OD series, NX102, CJ2H/CJ2M, NS8, NB7W Series
Schneider: Inverter ATV71, ATV312HU Series, BMX Series
ABB: PLC, Inverter

Our Brands:


Siemens Components Distributor of Circuit Breakers, PLC Relays, Motors, VFD Drives, Contactors, Logo, Power Analyzers, all LV and Control devices. Hafeez Automation Technologies is the Importer / Distributor of Siemens products in Pakistan. We have been delivering its products for the last five years in Pakistan. We deal in following Siemens Products in Pakistan.

  • MCCB, MCB, RCCB, MPCB, ACB Circuit Breakers
  • Magnetic Contactors
  • Simatic CPUs and Accessories
  • PLC Cards Analog and Digital Input /Output
  • Siemens HMI
  • Siemens Low Voltage Motors
  • Limit Switches
  • Overload Relays
  • Siemens Fuses

Hafeez Automation Technologies has been serving in Pakistan, dealing as an electrical and automation material manufacturer company. It is the Importer and Distributor of Siemens components, providing electrical services all over Pakistan.

Our industry consists of brilliant skilled workers and engineers who provide quality materials and Services with cost-effective solutions. We also ensure health care and safety as a priority and responsibility, delivered with our products and services.

As Siemens distributor in Pakistan, we are also obliged to fulfill our customer demands on an urgent basis with 100% quality concerns to meet their production and construction needs. Our team is here to supervise you with the best electrical solutions at the rates and best quality.


OMRON intelligent components are the building blocks of new consumer and industrial products. Omron provides a wide spectrum of equipment. Sensors and programmable controllers automate control on manufacturing lines. It provides all its products, PLC, HMI, VFD, Counters, Relays, Sensors, Switches, Safety Components, Power Supplies etc.

OMRON Sensing Components detect, measure, analyze, and process various changes that occur on production sites, such as changes in position, length, height, displacement, and appearance. They also contribute to predicting and preventing future events.

  • Fiber Sensors
  • Photoelectric Sensors
  • Displacement Sensors / Measurement Sensors
  • Vision Sensors / Machine Vision Systems
  • Code Readers / OCR
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Rotary Encoders
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors / Flow Sensors
  • Contact Sensors / Liquid Leakage Sensors
  • Condition Monitoring Sensors

Automation Systems include Programmable Controllers that support machine control, and Network/Software products to support easy information exchange with host systems.

  • Machine Automation Controllers
  • Industrial PC Platform
  • Multi-Axis Controller
  • Programmable Controllers
  • Software
  • Networks
  • Programmable Terminals
  • RFID Systems
  • Peripheral Devices


Mitsubishi Electric is a global leader in electric and electronic equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Our solutions are helping contribute to the further development of the country.

The industrial computer has been developed to maximize highly reliable device control technology accumulated through the development of the MELSEC Series programmable controller.
Mitsubishi Electric industrial computer MELIPC Series offers new values for Edge computing, IT system coordination, and device control with its robust features and flexibility utilizing general-purpose applications.

    • MELSEC iQ-R Series
    • MELSEC iQ-F Series
    • MELSEC-Q Series
    • MELSEC-L Series
    • MELSEC-F Series
    • MELSEC-QS/WS Series
    • MELSEC-A Series
    • Network-related products
    • Engineering Software

Innovate Together

Servo system controllers are control devices that achieve high-speed and high-accuracy drive control for each industrial machine.
Our product lines include a variety of PLC system-based and industrial PC-based servo system controllers. Select suitable modules meeting your system requirements.


From complex to simple applications, we have got you covered with our programmable logic controller (PLC) and programmable automation controller (PAC).

800T/H Operators

Our Bulletin 800T/H 30 mm Operators are designed and constructed to perform in the most demanding industrial environments. Bold yet functional, rugged yet attractive, our operators represent the world’s most innovative and unique offering.

800T/H 30 mm Back-of-Panel Components

Our Bulletin 800T/H 30 mm Back-of-Panel Components include a wide variety of contact block types. They provide excellent contact wiping and optimal switching reliability.

NEMA 30 mm Assembled Stations

Our 30 mm Assembled Stations are available in die-cast aluminum, stainless steel, glass, and thermoplastic polyester resin construction. These stations come completely assembled for easy installation or they can be custom-built to fit your needs.

800FC Pendant Stations

Bulletin 800FC Pendant Stations use the time-saving line of Bulletin 800F 22.5 mm push buttons for minimum inventory and maximum efficiency. We also offer multiple options and customizing options to fit your unique needs.

Performance Switched Mode Power Supplies

Our Bulletin 1606-XLS Performance Switched Mode Power Supplies use a technology that significantly reduces unit size yet delivers a 150% power boost. These power supplies offer DC output choices of 5, 12, 15, 24, and 48V in 80…960 W sizes.

Essential Switched Mode Power Supplies

Our Bulletin 1606-XLE Essential Switched Mode Power Supplies are available in 12, 24, and 48V DC output from 80…960 W with a 120% power boost.

Compact Switched Mode Power Supplies

Our Bulletin 1606-XLP Compact Switched Mode Power Supplies are an excellent choice when you need to save space. These devices are equipped with many of the same features and certifications as the XL devices and support low-power applications.

ArmorPower On-Machine Power Supplies Our Bulletin 1607-XT ArmorPower™ On-Machine™ Power Supplies are for applications where voltage drop occurs due to line loss, and where compact size, high efficiency, and reliability are critical. Available in 50…200 W models, these IP67-rated power supplies address a trend of eliminating traditional enclosures for on-machine and factory floor installations. These power supplies are vacuum encapsulated to provide maximum resistance to shock, vibration, and humidity.

Micro850 Programmable Logic Controller Systems

Our Bulletin 2080 Micro850® programmable logic controllers (PLC) are designed for larger standalone machine control applications that require flexible communications and greater I/O capabilities. These controllers support up to 192 I/O points with high-performance I/O, interrupts, and Pulse Train Output (PTO) motion plus an embedded Ethernet port and Micro800™ Expansion I/O modules.

Catalogs 2080-LC50-xxxx will be discontinued and no longer available for sale as of July 31, 2023. Fast forward to the latest technology by migrating to our newer Micro850® 2080-L50E controllers and Connected Components Workbench™ software version 20.01 or later. 

MicroLogix 1400 Programmable Logic Controller Systems

Our Bulletin 1766 MicroLogix™ 1400 Programmable Logic Controller Systems build upon critical MicroLogix 1100 features: EtherNet/IP™, on-line editing and a built-in LCD panel. These controllers feature a higher I/O count, faster high-speed counter, pulse train output, enhanced network capabilities and backlight on the LCD panel. Controllers without embedded analog I/O points provide 32 digital I/O points, while analog versions offer 32 digital I/O points and 6 analog I/O points. You can expand all versions with up to seven 1762 expansion I/O modules.

Typical applications include:

  • Material Handling
  • Packaging Applications
  • General Industrial Machinery
  • Printing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Water Wastewater / SCADA
  • Clutch/Brake control
  • Position Control – Pick-and-place / Conveyor



From electrical connectors through reflectors, and mechanical mounting systems, SICK offers a comprehensive range of accessories to safeguard the availability of application solutions. Perfectly matched to the corresponding sensors, these accessories provide the basis for cost-effective integration into systems and are available with short lead times. SICK is even able to deliver customer-specific developments and modifications quickly.

Analyzer solutions

SICK’s analyzer solutions provide forward-thinking concepts for measuring tasks in the fields of emission and process measurement technology. Typical fields of application include emission and process measurements in power plants, waste incineration plants, cement plants, and the chemical industry.

Array sensors

Array sensors operate on the proximity scanning principle. They detect even the smallest edges based on differences in grayscale values within the field-of-view. Positioning of, for example, a paper web-based on the web edge or a contrast line is only one of many possible applications. Widths, diameters, and gaps can also be detected. In reflector mode, the array sensors can even detect transparent materials.

Automation light grids

Two-dimensional inspection or counting tasks are important in automation. SICK’s automation light grids can be used in a number of these solutions, such as detecting and counting irregularly shaped objects, people and vehicles, and checking for presence and pallet overhang detection. The tasks are so versatile that one light grid cannot fulfill the requirements of every application. Light grids from SICK offer multiple ranges, heights, sizes, orientations, and resolutions which simplify integration through high flexibility and performance.

Capacitive proximity sensors

Liquids, granulates, glass, powder, wood and more – capacitive sensors detect almost any object by non-contact means, regardless of color, reflection factor, and surface characteristics. After suitable adjustment of the sensitivity, they even detect objects behind non-metallic walls and can therefore provide a cost-effective alternative for level measurement.

Condition Monitoring sensors

The Condition Monitoring sensors from SICK allow intelligent condition-based monitoring. They determine relevant physical parameters for mission-critical processes and applications. The sensor data provide the foundation for analyses that make condition-dependent maintenance possible. Besides reducing unplanned downtimes, they can thereby also increase the service life of components and reduce costs.

Distance sensors

SICK has a wide range of optic and ultrasonic solutions that measure from sub-microns to kilometers. They solve measuring, detecting and positioning applications using triangulation and time-of-flight modes. Sensors using triangulation are ideal for short-range, highly precise measurements. They can inspect miniature parts, thickness, shape, etc. Time-of-flight sensors work at longer distances, and are not influenced by reflectivity or ambient light − perfect for positioning AS/RS, rail cars, and gantry cranes.


Paths, position, angle – an encoder is the ideal solution when it comes to precise position detection in industrial automation. The same applies to measuring revolutions and rpm as well as speed and acceleration. High-resolution optical encoders and extremely rugged magnetic encoders complement one another perfectly and permit exact measurements in all kinds of applications. Rotary encoders are available as incremental and absolute encoders. Wire draw encoders and linear encoders with a measuring element are available in linear measuring technology.


Focused on the control of the flame in any type of burner or appliance, Brahma, with over 60 years of experience in R&D, innovation, and development of cutting-edge solutions, offers systems & components for heating and combustion appliances based on safety devicessolenoid valvesignition transformers, and other accessories.

  1. Quality and Efficiency
  2. Personalized Solutions
  3. Internal laboratory recognized by IMQ
  • Burner controls accessories
  • Burner controls for gas
  • Burner controls for oil
  • Contact probes
  • Control board
  • Electrodes
  • Electronic ignition transformers
  • Environmental probes
  • Gas solenoid valves
  • High voltage cables
  • Immersion probes
  • Inductive ignition transformers
  • Oil solenoid valves
  • Safety & Temperature Control
  • Solenoid valves accessories
  • Transformer accessories
  • UV light sensors
  • Visible light sensors

Phoenix Contact

Terminal blocks with system

The Phoenix Contact terminal blocks enable a high degree of flexibility in terminal strip design. Choose between various connection technologies and combine the terminal blocks by installing bridges in the double-function shaft. The terminal block system features standardized bridging, marking, and test accessories.

FINEPITCH board-to-board connectors for the connection of PCBs within the device

With the board-to-board connectors of the FINEPITCH product range, Phoenix Contact provides shielded and unshielded solutions for signal and data transmission. This allows you to implement individual PCB orientations in all dimensions with different designs, stack heights, and numbers of positions in different pitches from 0.635 mm to 2.54 mm. Mezzanine, coplanar connections, and mother-daughter cards are also possible.

Electronics housings for the DIN rail and for field applications

Electronic housings come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and functions. Whether on the DIN rail or in the control cabinet, as a wall housing or in field applications under harsh environmental conditions, the housings provide appropriate protection for your electronics. And the digital configurator features versatile options for integrating electronic housings into your individual applications. New developments are also possible.

PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors

Versatile connection technology, reliable connections: PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors are fundamental components of all electronic devices. Our portfolio provides the right connection technology for the transmission of signals, data, and power for almost all applications. Our portfolio includes PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors, wire-to-board connectors, and high-current feed-through terminal blocks.

System cabling for controllers

Our system cabling for controllers provides you with compact solutions for the simple planning, assembly, and commissioning of your automation system. Pluggable system cables and termination boards ensure your quick, safe, and error-free wiring. Retrofit components help you to update older control systems. This means you save a great deal of time and reduce costs.

Connectors for device connection and field cabling

Versatile M5 to M58 circular connectors, data, and photovoltaic connectors as well as modular rectangular and heavy-duty industrial connectors: the comprehensive connector range from Phoenix Contact offers a huge variety of solutions for industrial and semi-industrial applications. Application-specific connector systems as well as cables and lines that are pre-assembled or for assembly complete the range.


When selecting bearings for any purpose, ultimately you want to be certain of achieving the required level of equipment performance – and at the lowest possible cost. Robustness also is very important because the conditions in which your equipment is assembled, operated and maintained may not be precisely known and may, in fact, vary over time.

In addition to the bearing rating life, there are key factors you must consider when putting together the bearing specifications for an application, including:

  • Lubricant and supply method
  • Shaft and housing fits
  • Bearing clearance class
  • Cage material and guidance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Precision requirements
  • Bearing sealing
  • Mounting method and maintenance

Power Transmission Seals

CR Seals are radial and axial shaft sealing solutions for power transmission applications support virtually every industrial sector, from large-size wind turbines to very small, high-speed machine tools. For off-highway applications, we offer undercarriage sealing solutions for wheeled equipment, which include SKF Mudblock cassette seals and the innovative SKF Trackstar seals for tracked machinery.

Plain Bearings

Plain bearings are used in many industries and across many applications where there is a need to cost-efficiently and reliably meet the challenge of oscillating movements and possible misalignment. From railways, mining and construction equipment, farm and forestry machinery, all the way to forklift trucks, and solar power equipment. 

Why choose spherical plain bearings?

  • Suitable for heavy static and dynamic loads at relatively low speeds
  • Multi-directional movements
  • Accommodate misalignment
  • Accommodate deformation of surrounding components in operation
  • Accommodate wide manufacturing tolerances and the use of cost-effective, welded assemblies.

Why SKF plain bearings?

  • Wide variety of product options for different application conditions
  • Lubricated-for-life options available for decreased grease use
  • High corrosion resistance versions available
  • Wide range of sizes 
  • The standard assortment includes spherical plain bearings, as well as rod ends, bushings, thrust washers, and strips
  • On request, SKF can provide also application or industry-specific plain bearings.


Delta offers automation products and solutions with high performance and reliability, including drives, motion control systems, industrial control and communication, power quality improvement, human-machine interfaces, sensors, meters, and robot solutions. We also provide information monitoring and management systems such as SCADA and Industrial EMS for complete, smart manufacturing solutions.

Inverters – AC Motor Drives

With modern power electronics and advanced microprocessor technology, Delta’s AC Motor Drives are able to efficiently control motor speed, improve machine automation and save energy. Taking advantage of our strong position in power electronics technology, Delta’s VFD Series of AC motor Drives has evolved rapidly. Each Drive series is designed to meet specific application needs. Our AC Drives accurately control speed and torque, smoothly handle an increased load and provide numerous custom control and configuration operating modes. Our AC Motor Drive product line provides a full range of motor control technologies and is used throughout a wide range of industries, to enhance and improve machine automation.

VFD E-Series

Sensorless Vector AC Micro Drive. The VFD-E series represent Delta Electronics’ low horsepower, constant torque, and IP20-rated Drive. Modular in design with flexible extension cards and a built-in PLC function, the E drive offers the ability to write and execute simple Ladder Logic programs. This state-of-the-art series meets a full range of application requirements.


Smaller cranes; washing machines; treadmills; robot arm of injection machine (clamp); elevator; grinding machine; drilling machine; wood machine; webbing loom; air conditioner for large buildings; water supply system for large buildings, etc.


  1. Output frequency: 0.1~600Hz
  2. Modular & compact design
  3. Built-in PLC function
  4. Built-in EMI filter (230V 1 phase / 460V 3 phase)
  5. Optional Fieldbus Modules (DeviceNet, Profibus, LonWorks, and CANopen)
  6. RFI-switch for mains
  7. Easy DC BUS sharing
  8. Flexible extension
  9. Complete Protection

Delta Power Modules

Delta Power Modules are Point of Load (POL) DC-DC converters integrating controller chips, chokes, and I/O capacitors into a single power management package for step-down(buck) applications. The low profile and compact size enable significant saving of board space, high efficiency enhances application performance, and design structure allows automated assembly by standard surface mount equipment. In service, Delta provides strong and timely design and development support for customized products and packages.


Switch Ranges

We touch them every day. Light switches and sockets are an integral part of our living space and are used to control various devices in any type of building. ABB wiring accessories are offered in numerous design series, in a variety of shapes, designs, color combinations, and materials to meet not only functional but also aesthetic requirements and individual preferences.
All you need to do is to choose and make your home even more beautiful and comfortable.

ABB provides a full range of low-voltage solutions to connect, protect, control, and measure a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electronics, and electromechanical devices.  The business improves the reliability and efficiency of its customer’s activities across all major industries including the residential sector.

Programmable Logic Controllers PLCs

The AC500, AC500-eCo, AC500-S, and AC500-XC scalable PLC ranges provide solutions for small, medium, and high-end applications. Our AC500 PLC platform offers different performance levels and is the ideal choice for high availability, extreme environments, condition monitoring, motion control, or safety solutions. 

Our AC500 PLC platform offers interoperability and compatibility in hardware and software from compact PLCs up to high-end and safety PLCs.

Our powerful PLC features a wide range of performance, communications, and I/O capabilities for industrial applications. The ideal choice for complex, high-speed machinery and networking solutions. 

This compact PLC is offering optimally suited flexible and economical configurations for automation solutions in smaller applications.

This safety PLC (SIL3, PL e) is designed for safety applications involved in factory, machinery, or process automation areas. The ideal choice to implement and manage complex safety solutions.

Extreme Condition PLC variant of the AC500 platform with extended operating temperature, immunity to vibration and hazardous gases, and use at high altitudes and in humid environments.

PLC Automation

ABB’s AC500 PLC is a proven technology for industries, infrastructure, and machine builders, enabling advanced solutions in customer target applications. Easy to integrate and with a long life cycle, our automation devices help our customers, partners, and equipment manufacturers improve productivity, reliability, safety, and secure cloud connectivity.

Simplicity and scalability for all your needs: ABB’s AC500 PLC platform is the ideal choice for high availability, extreme environments, condition monitoring, motion control, and safety solutions. The AC500-eCo, AC500, AC500-XC, and AC500-S scalable PLC ranges provide solutions for small, medium, and high-end applications. The robust CP600 control panel platform harmonizes with AC500 PLCs and ABB Ability™ Automation Builder software.

Primary switched-mode power supplies

The CP range offers the latest technology in a more compact package. Modern power supply units are a vital component in most areas of energy management and automation technology. ABB works with customers as a global partner in these areas, responding quickly to changing requirements and evolving demands of markets and applications. 
Our commitment to innovation is why customers around the world are switching to ABB. 


Safe automation – With Pilz safety sensors

Are you looking for reliable sensors to safeguard your plant and machinery? Safety sensors in our Pilz product portfolio offer you a varied selection: from safety switches for position monitoring, plus safety gate systems, through to optical sensors for area and zone monitoring and even safe radar and camera systems. Our safety sensors offer you maximum protection for humans, machines, and the environment – while achieving maximum productivity.

Benefit from high-performance, flexible safety sensors that conform to international standards and have been tested by certification bodies. Our sensors are also robust in use and simple to operate. Combined with control technology from Pilz, you get a safe and economical complete solution. High availability, productivity, and maximum safety are guaranteed.

Safety gate systems for guard protection

Safety gate systems such as PSENmech with guard locking, PSENslock, PSENmlock, and PSENsgate are used for guard protection. They monitor doors in safety fences as well as covers and flaps. Our safety gate systems provide you with a cost-optimized, effective solution, which meets the requirements of EN ISO 14119.

When a safety gate is opened, hazardous machine movements must be stopped in accordance with EN ISO 14119 and a restart must be prevented. It must not be possible to either defeat or manipulate the guards.

Safety gate systems from Pilz are particularly effective in meeting these requirements and incorporate additional functionalities – for a greater economy.

The optimum safety solution for every requirement

The aim of Pilz relays is to keep the risk to man and machine as low as possible. To guarantee this protection, for decades Pilz has been developing innovative safety relays that have proven their worth on the market a million times over.

For reliable monitoring of functional safety, we offer the safety relay PNOZ and the modular safety relay myPNOZ. You use the electronic monitoring relays PMD to monitor electrical safety.

Our products guarantee internationally certified-safety for your plants and machinery and offer ideal value for money. See for yourself!

PLC Controllers

The appropriate solution for every automation project

With the PLC controllers, we offer control systems that enable you to control both automation and safety functions within a project. Our PLC control systems are modular, i.e. you can put them together to suit your requirement. To do this, various head modules (with the main processor) and numerous I/O modules for safety and automation functions are available. You can simply adapt the system structure to suit your requirements. You can add or exchange the modules at will.

The PLC controllers PSSuniversal are a part of the automation system PSS 4000, and they are available for simple and sophisticated automation projects.

I/O module

For your automation project, there is a large selection of I/O modules for safety-related, non-safety-related, digital, and analog signal processing. When individual changes are made to the system at a later date, simply add new modules or exchange existing ones. That gives you extreme flexibility.

PLC controllers with protection type IP67

The PSS67 PLC is the first safe and compact PLC controller with protection type IP67 for cabinet-free automation. It can be fully integrated into the automaton system PSS 4000 and it can be used for both safety and automation functions.

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