USRIoT: Modbus/RS232/RS485 To Ethernet Serial Converter USR-TCP232-410S

USR-TCP232-410s is a multi-functional serial-to-Ethernet module that enables bidirectional transparent data transmission between Ethernet port and serial ports. USR-TCP232-410s is a dual serial port server, using the Cortex-M7 solution, the main frequency is up to 400MHz, with stronger performance, faster transmission speed and higher reliability. It comes with 1*RS232 and 1*RS485 serial ports, and the two serial ports can work simultaneously. This serial device server supports various working modes such as TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, Httpd Client, WebSocket, and can be easily configured via built-in webpage or Config Software. At the same time, it integrates TCP/IP protocol stack, which allows users to easily complete the serial-to-Ethernet conversation, saving manpower and development time, making products faster to market and enhancing competitiveness.

Product Features:

• New ARM core, Cortex-M7 solution, equipped with deeply optimized TCP/IP protocol stack. It has low latency and strong scalability, stable and reliable.

• Built-in network electromagnetic isolation 1.5KV

• Wide power input: 5~36V, with reverse polarity protection.

• Equipped with 1*RS232+1*RS485 serial ports, can work simultaneously.

• Support RTS/CTS (Only RS232) hardware flow control and Xon/Xoff software flow control.

• 10/100Mbps Ethernet port and support Auto MDI/MCIX.• Supports a wide industrial operating temperature, -40℃~85℃.

• Industrial EMC protection: ESD (Air 8KV, 6KV), 1KV), 1KV).

• Supports Modbus RTU/TCP protocol conversion and multi-host polling.• Supports keepalive mechanism to quickly detect the dead connections and reconnect.

• Supports hardware watchdog, automatically restarts when the device goes down.

• Versatile operation modes: TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, HTTP client, WebSocket Server.

• Support virtual COM, COM Port Redirector USR-VCOM (windows).• Multiple config methods: AT command, built-in webpage, and config software.

• Support firmware upgrade through web page and configuration software, more convenient for users.


  1. Processor: Cortex-M4
  2. Basic Frequency: 120MHz
  3. Flash: 512K byte
  4. Interface Standard: RJ45
  5. Rate: 10/100 Mbps MDI/MDIX, auto switch between cross and direct connection
  6. Protection: 2KV electromagnetism isolation, shell insulation blocking
  7. Network Protocol: IP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, HTTP, ARP, ICMP, Web socket, Httpd client
  8. Receive Buffer: Max 16k bytes buffer
  9. Port Number: 2 (1*RS-232, 1*RS-485, can work at the same time)
  10. Interface Standard: RS-232: DB9 pin type, RS-485: 3 wire (A+, B-, G)
  11. Check Bit: None, Even, Odd, Space, Mark
  12. Baud Rate: RS-232: 600 bps ~ 230K bps, RS-485: 600 bps ~ 1M bps
  13. Flow Control: RTS/CTS
  14. Buffer: Send and receive 2k bytes respectively
  15. Protection: RS-485: anti-static 2KV, lightning protection
  16. RS-485 Pull-up and Pull-Down Resistor: 2.2 KΩ
  17. Virtual Serial(USR-VCOM: Windows 2000 or higher (32 bit/64 bit)
  18. Configuration: Built-in webpage, computer set-up software, serial command
  19. Storage Temp:  -45 ~ 105°C, 5 ~ 95% RH
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